Your answer to alternative learning in Dar es Salaam is finally here!

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As Dar es Salaam blossoms, schooling options in the area remain limited. Too many parents are forced to choose between rigid local curricula or paying steep fees for international schools. There leaves much to be desired in terms of variety, flexibility, and accessibility.

Our virtual + hands-on learning approach takes home schooling out of the home, and into a dynamic educational environment complete with rigorous academics and the important social interaction that students need for a holistic learning experience.

Students enrolled at our home schooling center can take advantage of the 1-1 personalized instruction without missing out on all the fun with friends. Our experienced learning coaches help guide students through a customized and fully-accredited course, saving parents and guardians the stress of juggling their roles as parent and teacher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parents and guardians have the freedom to choose the program that best fits their children’s educational goals. Contact Magenta Learning Center for more information on finding the perfect curriculum for your child.

Students at can take advantage of our safe and comfortable study suites in our brand new center in Masaki. Extracurricular physical and art activities are hosted by the internationally-renowned experts at Dance Art Fusion Studio.

Our one-of-a-kind program is competitively priced as an affordable, premier alternative to the larger formal institutions in Dar. Because the needs of our students are as unique as they are themselves, programs vary in length, structure, and cost. Contact Magenta Learning Center today for a free consultation to begin customizing your children’s personalized program today.